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T-Mobile SIM - Standard or Micro

T-Mobile SIM - Standard or Micro
T-Mobilenetwork T-Mobile
per month
  • 1 month contract
  • 2GB data
http://schema.org/InStock GBP 10.00 | 2GB data | 1 month contract
  • This Combi SIM is a great way to get connected if you’ve already got a device that takes Standard or Micro SIMs. It's easy to get started with your T-Mobile Combi SIM. They're designed so that they fit in both a regular SIM and also a Micro SIM card slot in your phone. If you have a mobile that requires a standard SIM card, just use the combi SIM card as it comes. If you need a Micro SIM card, all you have to do is pop out the middle of your T-Mobile Combi SIM and you have a Micro SIM ready to go. Just slide it into your phone or tablet, make sure it's unlocked for the T-Mobile network, and you’re ready to go.

  • Charges if you exceed your tariff allowance (per min)

    Call Type Peak Off Peak
    Landlines 40p 40p
    Same Network 40p 40p
    Other Networks 40p 40p
    Video Calls (same network) 40p 40p
    SMS 25p
    MMS 40p