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Mobile operator Parental Controls

Q: What are Parental Controls/Adult Content Filters?
A: This is a feature available on all handsets (other than BlackBerry®'s) which, amongst other things, enables parents to block 18+ content from their child’s phones.

Q: Where can I find out more about Parental Controls/Keeping kids safe online?
A: There is some useful guidance from the UK Safer Internet Centre that provides guidance on smartphones, gaming devices and other internet enabled devices.

Q: What are the default Parental Control /Adult Content Filtering settings for each mobile operator, and how do I change them?
A: See table below.

Mobile operator default application of Parental Controls / Adult Content Filters


OperatorPAYGPay monthly
Tesco Mobile*On by defaultTo switch Parental Controls on or off:
1. Log into My Tesco Mobile and Login.
-  Go to 'My Settings'.
-  Enter your 4-digit PIN code.
-  In the 'Current setting' field, select 'Parental control'.
-  Then, click on the 'Action' button; or
2.Call 61818 free (from your Tesco Mobile phone) and follow the prompts.
Click here for more info.
O2*On by defaultAdult filter on by default. For other Parental Control options call 61818 from your child’s mobile or visit O2's website here.
Orange*On by defaultThe ‘Safeguard’ service can be activated for pay monthly contracts by calling 07973 100150
See here for more info.  
Vodafone*On by defaultOn by default
See here for info. 
T-MobileOn by defaultOn by default.
There are three settings for Content Lock: Strict; Moderate and Off. The default setting is moderate, which blocks adult content but allows social networking and chat sites. Text MODERATE to 879 or text STRICT to 879. 
To lift or apply Content Lock dial 1818 or by calling Customer Services on 150 or from My T-Mobile. 
See here for more info.




On by defaultTo turn on filtering, customers text FILTER to 33333 and it is activated within 72 hours.
See here for more info.  

PLEASE NOTE: Mobile operators marked * BlackBerry® operate their own network infrastructure, which means that Parental Controls/network filtering options listed above do not apply to BlackBerry® handsets. Research in Motion, working in conjunction with the mobile operators, will make filtering available on BlackBerry® handsets by approximately July 2012. 

Q: Are there any other content filters on BlackBerry®'s?
A: Yes, BlackBerry®’s currently block the Internet Watch Foundation list.

Q: What is the Internet Watch Foundation?
A: The Internet Watch Foundation (www.iwf.org.uk) is a non-governmental charitable body whose remit is to minimise the availability of 'potentially criminal' Internet content, specifically images of child sexual abuse hosted anywhere, and criminally obscene adult content in the UK.