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When will my phone arrive?

Last updated 56 days ago

We will send you one email to confirm we’ve received your order and a second email to say your order has been despatched. If you haven’t received these after the timescales outlined below please Contact Us. Delivery will b... Read more

Can I cancel or change my order before it's been delivered?

Last updated 2 years ago

You can refuse delivery of your order if you no longer require the product but you can’t stop the delivery to your address. Read more

Where can I buy accessories for my phone?

Last updated 2 years ago

We’ve got a great range of accessories including phone cases, screen protectors, chargers, batteries, memory cards and much more. Whether you’re looking for a clever gadget or simply want to brighten up your phone with a n... Read more

What is an IMEI number?

Last updated 2 years ago

An IMEI number is a 15-17 digit unique number used for identifying a phone. It can usually be found in small print on a sticker underneath the battery or alternatively if you type *#06# into the keypad it will appear on th... Read more

How is the network coverage in my area?

Last updated 1 year ago

To check the network coverage in your area you’ll need to check with your network provider. Click on the logo for your provider to check coverage: ... Read more

Where is my nearest Tesco Phone Shop?

Last updated 75 days ago

To locate your nearest Tesco store please click here. Enter your postcode to find your nearest Phone Shop store. Read more

Can I recycle my phone?

Last updated 2 years ago

Have you got an old mobile phone that you don’t use any more? It may be broken or perhaps you don’t use it because you’ve upgraded to a new phone. Instead of it sitting in the corner gathering dust why don’t you recycle it... Read more

How do I get a PUK code?

Last updated 336 days ago

A is needed when you have to reset your PIN number. Your PIN number protects your SIM card and if you forget it or repeatedly type in the wrong number you will need a to get it working again.  PUK stands for Pin Unlocked... Read more

What is 4G?

Last updated 1 year ago

When you’re on the move with your phone and connect to the Internet without using a Wi-Fi connection, you’re probably using the 3G network. is the new network which has been introduced and if you have a phone, you’ll be ... Read more

What can I do with my data allocation?

Last updated 2 years ago

Most mobile phone contracts will include a data usage allocation. This can be really useful to have if you’re out and about and don’t have a Wi-Fi connection. It can be a bit confusing to work out how much data you use by ... Read more