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When you’re on the move with your phone and connect to the Internet without using a Wi-Fi connection, you’re probably using the 3G network. 4G is the new network which has been introduced and if you have a 4G phone, you’ll be able to enjoy a much faster Internet connection.

This means you should be able to notice it’s a lot quicker to load web pages, download apps or stream music and videos using your phone. Plus the technology has been improved so stuttering connections while travelling on a bus or train will be a thing of the past too.

Other benefits of the improved connection mean video calls will be clearer and lag free and you’ll see an improved reception on your phone for not just your Internet connection but for texts and calls too.

Everything Everywhere (Orange and T-Mobile) currently have the widest coverage in the UK with all major cities covered along with a large number of towns. O2/Tesco, Vodafone and Three have also launched 4G however their coverage at the moment doesn’t spread much further than the major cities. By the end of 2014 most people in urban areas should be able to access 4G but it will be dependent on your network and the speed at which your network can expand its coverage. If you currently don’t have 4G coverage then check with your network throughout the year to see if it will be coming to your area soon.