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4G at Tesco Phone Shop
  • What is 4G

    4G is the latest 4th generation mobile phone technology which follows on from 3G.

    Because of the improvement of technology, 4G means that connection to the internet is stronger and more reliable so you’re less likely to lose connection when you’re out and about, plus you’ll see improved reception for calls and texts as well.

    It is up to 5 times faster than 3G – to download a 10 minute video over 3G takes minutes, whereas on 4G it takes seconds.

    4G speed will depend on your location and the number of people using 4G. If you move out of a 4G area you usually have access to 3G network.

    Most new smartphones now support 4G, but it's best to double check the manufacturers specs.


    How can I get 4G?

    Tesco Phone Shop currently has three 4G networks (as of October 2014) – EE, Three, Tesco Mobile.

    To get 4G you will need:

    1. 4G phone with the latest software update

    2. 4G coverage (see tabs)

    3. 4G tariff (see our Three 4G deals, see our Tesco Mobile 4G deals)

    4. 4G SIM (see our Three SIM Only deals, see our EE SIM Only deals)